SomKolch Nigeria (pronounced Sum-Kulch), a leading supplier of Premium Quality Car-Care Products (PQCCP), has introduced a new line of car care products.

SomKolch Safety Tyre Kit – The Tyre Sealant and Tyre Sealer Inflator, now replaces the spare tyre and also presents an alternative to a jack.


If, for example, a nail or other sharp object causes a hole in a tyre, the SomKolch Tyre Sealant will seal the hole automatically without the knowledge of the driver. The tyre is sealed immediately, regardless of the location and environment, while the car is moving. This sealant lasts for the lifetime of the tyre.

For Emergency 

For flat tyres which occur as a result of an inadvertent puncture (tyres without a sealant) can also cause substantial inconvenience. In this case, our Tyre Sealer & Inflator will remedy the situation in less than 5mins. This product removes the stress of a flat as it offers an easier solution to inflate without a Jack, this product is already a favourite.

The choice is yours. 

Who needs a Tyre Sealer & Inflator?

  • People with flat tyres. 
  • People who may have flat tyres. 
  • People who don’t want flat tyres.
  • A guy travelling with his family to the east by road.
  • Those who ply the Third Mainland Bridge frequently. 
  • A lady doesn’t want to be stranded anywhere with a flat Tyre.
  • Husbands who don’t want their wives to encounter any stressful or dangerous event as a result of a flat tyre.
  • Men who are not ready to flex muscles.
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