Our Range of Car, Home & Office Maintenance Products

Our journey started back in 2012 after our research, which showed a high rate of replacement of injector and fuel pumps due to fuel quality. This lead to the launching of SomKolch Injector Cure and Engine Flush that purifies fuel, cleans the engine system to reduce fuel usage and provide a high rate of financial savings.

 Today, we’ve added 10 more premium quality car, home and office maintenance products as described below. 

SomKolch Detailing Kit

If you love your car, home, & office and want to keep it clean and protected, this is the perfect maintenance kit for you.


SomKolch Engine Performers

Our Safety Engine Performers, apart from being fuel purifiers are also system cleaners that reduce fuel usage and provide a high rate of financial savings. They are maintenance products designed to extend the life of diesel and petrol engines and fuel system components, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, by maintaining and restoring fuel quality and addressing the problem of moisture contamination/content in fuel.


SomKolch Cleaners

Will not harm hoses or other engine components and requires no scrubbing. Recovers the capability of the brakes. Increase combustion efficiency to save oil and decrease gas pollution.


SomKolch Tyre Sealant Kit Perfomers

The best tyre sealant is always on hand to help you quickly and efficiently fix a flat or prevent your car from Nail Puncture. Don’t leave home without it.


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