It’s raining, you’ve got a car full of kids and all you want is to get home as quickly as possible. The last thing you need is a flat tyre on Third Mainland Bridge. Standing at the side of the road, trying to undo the wheel nuts, getting cold and wet, trying to avoid the passing traffic – it’s difficult, time-consuming and potentially dangerous.

SomKolch decided there should be a simpler, quicker and safer way using a Plug, Inflate & Go mechanism – The SomKolch Tyre Sealer & Inflator.

What is A SomKolch Tyre Sealer & Inflator?

SomKolch Emergency Tyre Sealer & Inflator is a quick and easy to use solution to punctures which gets you back on the road like the Third Mainland Bridge without having to even touch a wheel nut. It seals and reinflates without damaging tyres in 5 Minutes or less.

Quick and easy emergency puncture sealer

  • No tools or jack needed
  • Gets you back on the road fast
  • No damage to tyre guaranteed
  • Safe non-toxic formula

This handy little can replace the spare wheel or car tyre repair kit in your boot, providing peace of mind that a flat tyre won’t cause you problems. 

See How it Works in 5 Minutes

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