InjectorCure is designed to clean fuel systems and dissolve natural resins or gums, carbon and other dirt deposits which build up on pumps, injectors and throughout fuel systems on both diesel and petrol vehicles and equipment as a result of contaminations. This build-up, affects the combustion process, resulting in reduced performance, increased fuel consumption, increased emission output, costly maintenance and downtime.

InjectorCure, although similar in its formulation to both fuel purifiers, it is different in terms of its concentration and its therefore best used as a service interval treatment, in order to give the tanks and injection systems a good clean or flush from time to time.


For all types of Diesel and Petrol injection engines.

This is not an additive- this product does not use cetane boosters to enhance performance (short term performance enhancer). InjectorCure converts moisture into combustible lubricant and eliminates water contamination in the fuel, thereby treating the cause rather than the symptoms. Dissolves residue that can reduce power output and increase fuel consumption.

Benefits of InjectorCure

  • Reduces diesel consumption, black smoke and other harmful emissions.
  • Removes dirt deposits in Injector pumps and injector nozzles.
  • Prevents and eliminates the growth of micro-organisms ‘BUGS’ in the fuel tank.
  • Improves the lubricity of diesels.
  • Cleans and protects from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber.
  • Prolongs engine life.


  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Binds and neutralizes acidic condensation, preventing acid formation and preventing corrosion of fuel tanks and entire fuel systems.
  • Improves atomisation and lubricity of fuels by dissolving resins and fuel system deposits.
  • Makes water content in fuel tank combustible.


Contents 330ml: For 100 litres of Petrol
For 100 litres of Diesel
Contents 165ml: For 50 litres of Petrol
For 50 litres of Diesel
Shelf life from production: 24 Month
Min. flashing point: 30 oC