Engine Flush


With time even the best engine oil deteriorates and contaminates the engine with gums and varnish deposits that a simple oil change just cannot remove. Any new oil may be compromised and be contaminated by deposits left behind.

Engines with an unknown maintenance record

If you just bought a used car/truck/ship/equipment for a great price but it didn’t come with any maintenance records, an Engine Flush followed by a few quarts of fresh oil might save you a headache later.

For All Engine Maintenance

The flush is to get rid of old oil deposits, then the new oil to keep the engine in tip-top shape. Without the Engine Flush, the new oil will just pick up the old deposits and sludge and keep them circulating through the engine. Soon enough, the new oil is just as dirty as the old oil.

An Engine Flush can help you go longer between oil changes, especially if the maintenance on the car hasn’t been perfect.

Directions For Use

  • Add entire contents of bottle to engine oil
  • Run engine at idle speed for 15 minutes minimum
  • For particularly dirty systems the Flush can be left up to 24 hours in the system
  • With engine turned off, drain old oil while engine is still hot
  • Install new oil filter
  • add new oil
  • Use with each oil change to prevent deposit builds up.


Engine Flush is solvent free and will not damage seals. Recommended for Petrol, Diesel and LPG engines.