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ef-1A clean engine works at its optimal best, reduces operational cost to the individual/company and the use of these products will ensure the following:


  • Restoration of fuel quality by eliminating bacterial contamination in diesel fuel, it makes suspended water in fuel become combustible. These benefits will result in reduced filter usage, as well as preventing premature filter failure between services.


  • Cleaning of Injectors: It dissolves and remove gum and carbon deposits from injector tips and fuel system components, which reduces the rate of engine failure as well as pump and injector maintenance, also reducing diesel consumption and exhaust gas emissions.


  • Reduced Fuel Consumption after only 100 running hours on treated fuel, by 2.6% and subsequently an overall reduction of approximately 6-13% with further usage.


  • Improved Combustion performance: It supports and protects the environment by reducing harmful emissions, thereby aiding clean energy and a greener environment.


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