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Monitoring air quality concentrations is vital to understanding the extent of air pollution and ensuring a proportionate and cost-effective response. Presently, there are no coordinated and continuous assessments of local air quality undertaken by the Federal Ministry of Environment or any other government body tasked with pollution control in the city. Implicitly, Nigerians living and working in major cities do so in an environment devoid of a standard against which the air they breathe can be assessed or managed. That air pollution is injurious to public health.

Author: SomKolch

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  • Femi Joda

    This should be what our environment ministry can look into as part of ensuring that the Nigerian ecological system is clean and not hazardous to human health. Most time there a lot of fumes and smokes coming from exhaust of generators and vehicles, polluting everywhere and nobody seems to care. Unfortunately, the appropriate authorities have not considered it necessary to enforce any law that will bring sanity to people in regard to such pollutions. These products (petrocure, dieselcure, injectorflush etc.)would help curb such pollutions if people are aware of dangers of carbon pollution and how much damage smoke is doing to human health.

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